An area of Holmfirth - West Yorkshire

My name is Val and with my husband Andrew run a small breeding cattery in the heart of Summer Wine Country. I am employed by Huddersfield Technical College as a College Information Officer, I am also a committee member of the Maine Coon Cat Club and kitten list co-ordinator. I sometimes act as a steward at cat shows mainly in the north of England, I have been known to travel south now and again. Andrew works in the social housing section of the construction industry.

We first fell in love with Maine Coons in 1993 when we saw a photo in a magazine. After some research we found out about the Maine Coon Cat Show which is held in June every year. So off we went to the Midlands to see them "in the flesh", we weren't disappointed. There were many different colours but we fell in love with the reds.

It wasn't till a few years later we were able to have a kitten. But we didn't buy one we bought two, litter mates Keverstone Bud Wiser (Buddy) and Keverstone Uptowngirl (Billie) from Steve and Daphne Butters. We started to show the kittens and was quite successful with Billie, who rose to the heights of Premier status. Since then we have acquired four more cats from Steve and Daphne, who have become friends and given us lots of help and advice over the years.

We breed tabbies most colours. The kittens are born in the house (usually in my wardrobe), they are socialized early with our other cats and our Labrador Ruby. The kittens leave our house (reluctantly) at 13/14 weeks old, fully vaccinated, microchipped, registered with the GCCF, six weeks free insurance, full pedigree, diet sheet and goody bag. The kittens are confident and outgoing and given lots of love and attention. Our aim is to breed cats with good temperament and type which we think is most important. I do not sell kittens for breeding purposes. Our cats live indoors but have access to a cat run at the front of the house. We have no children living at home now, but the grandchildren and our neighbours children often visit when we have kittens around. I do not rehome any retired breeding queens they are part of our family and will live with us after retirement.

Our breeding programme started in 2005 with Keverstone Perl Harbour a Tortie Tabby. Who gave us five beautiful kittens. I decided to keep one of the females to compliment my future breeding programme. We hope you will enjoy meeting our cats.